About Project Florence

Project Florence is a Heritage Lottery Funded project, which aims to enhance Operation Nightingale’s excavations by involving local families and volunteers so that they can learn more about their local heritage.
Over the next three years, Operation Nightingale and Wessex Archaeology intend to excavate the 4000-year-old Bronze Age Barrow Clump site on Salisbury Plain Training Area. The multi-period site also has evidence for earlier Neolithic occupation and later Anglo-Saxon burials.
In 2012 they will excavate the Anglo-Saxon burials, which like the rest of the site, are under threat from badger activity. Discover more about the site on the Operation Nightingale webpages.

541 Anglo-Saxon burial with grave goods

Salisbury Plain Training Area is not generally accessible to civilians. However, Project Florence volunteers will work with the soldiers and archaeologists to provide opportunities for a range of local audiences to be involved, from being able to visit the excavations to events at Salisbury Arts Centre or catching up on the latest news through our blog.
Excitingly Salisbury Arts Centre will document the excavation through a film-making project, training youth volunteers aged 14 to 25 in film productions skills and providing a legacy for the project.
There will be lots of different opportunities, events and activities going on over the coming months, ending in February 2013. These include:

Check out our other pages to find out what is happening and keep up-to-date with the Operation Nightingale/Project Florence blog.