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Archaeocast 1: Excavation Podcast

Wessex Archaeology has launched its first podcast. A podcast is just like a radio programme which you can listen to here, in your web browser, or download to listen to whenever you like on your computer or mp3 player (such as an iPod). Find out more about podcasting in our podcasting guide.
It visits the excavations on Cranborne Chase in Dorset, where we are running our annual practical archaeology course. In the podcast we hear from Martin Green, the local farmer and famous archaeologist, who explains about the prehistoric landscape in which his farm and the dig are set.
Chris Ellis, project officer for the excavation, explains about the skills being taught on the course, and what has been uncovered during the first week of digging.
Lastly, we hear from two course participants to find out how they are finding their first taste of life as archaeologists, and their experiences on the dig.

13:50 minutes (12.67 MB)

Archaeocast 2: Excavation and experimental archaeology (podcast)

In this week’s podcast, we hear about the progress of Jake Keen’s iron smelting experiments in his bloomery furnace, complete with the clattering of bellows and the roaring of flames. Course participants explain what they have been excavating as the site begins to unfold, from postholes to fox’s teeth!
This week’s podcast was recorded by David Parry, on location at our annual Practical Archaeology Course on Cranborne Chase in Dorset, and has a duration of about 20 minutes.
Find out more about podcasts in our podcasting guide.

20:23 minutes (18.67 MB)

Archaeocast 3: Excavations in Winchester, UK

Archaeocast 3 comes from our excavation at 19-20 Jewry Street in Winchester, UK.
An excavation is being carried out ahead of development on the site by Mr M Bakhaty. The site is in the north-west corner of the historic core of Winchester. This area of the town is known to contain archaeological evidence of Winchester’s medieval, Saxon, Roman and Iron Age past.
The podcast was recorded at the excavation, and we hear from the archaeologists themselves as they excavate, carefully uncovering the layers of the past occupation of the site. Paul McCulloch, the project manager, begins the podcast by explaining about the archaeological significance of this important city, and the developer, Mr Bakhaty, explains about the building project, and how he has some novel plans for the archaeological remains.

15:29 minutes (14.18 MB)

Archaeocast 4: Ancient Technology with Phil Harding

Phil Harding, one of our archaeologists, and famous for his role on Channel 4’s Time Team, explains the ancient technology of stone tools - how they were made, and how people in prehistory weren’t as primitive as is often believed.

14:00 minutes (12.82 MB)

Archaeocast 5: National Archaeology Week

On Saturday 15th July 2006, Wessex Archaeology, Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum, and the Wiltshire Conservation Centre, celebrated the beginning of National Archaeology Week with an event called “Medieval Mayhem”.
This edition of Archaeocast gives a flavour of the happenings throughout the day, and features music from medieval musican Jonathan Weeks.

9:20 minutes (8.56 MB)

Archaeocast 6: Practical Archaeology Course Week 1

Listen to how prehistoric pots were made, the rich prehistory of Cranborne Chase, and hear the experiences of students on their first ever dig. The annual Practical Archaeology Course run by Wessex Archaeology returns to Down Farm on Cranborne Chase in Dorset UK.
This edition of Archaeocast marks 20,000 downloads to date!

17:14 minutes (15.78 MB)

Archaeocast 7: Excavation, Rain and Postholes

This edition of Archaeocast comes from the last day of our Practical Archaeology Course at Down Farm on Cranborne Chase, Dorset, UK. Find out what we have learned about the prehistoric settlement which we have been excavating, hear from some of the students, and learn why rain isn’t always a bad thing for archaeologists!

11:27 minutes (10.52 MB)

Archaeocast 8: Death and burial in the Bronze Age

A series of Bronze Age burial mounds (barrows) have been discovered by archaeologists on a site north of Salisbury, UK. Listen to an audio tour of the excavations with Tom Goskar and Catriona Gibson, and learn about life and death in Bronze Age Wiltshire.
You can contact Archaeocast by email ( or leave a comment here by clicking the title of this post and using the comments form underneath.

29:51 minutes (27.36 MB)

Archaeocast 9: Salisbury Plain

Gareth Owen, Steve Thompson and Phil Harding head out onto the Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) in a land rover to conduct a survey of the archaeology within the Army training zones.
You can contact Archaeocast by email ( or leave a comment here by clicking the title of this post and using the comments form underneath.

20:24 minutes (18.7 MB)

Archaeocast 10: A Saxon Cemetery at Collingbourne Ducis

Archaeocast visits the site of a Saxon cemetery as it is excavated in the village of Collingbourne Ducis, in Wiltshire UK.
Listen to Project Officer Kev Ritchie explain how archaeologists use machinery to help us strip off the topsoil and identify hard-to-spot graves. Sue Nelson explains what it is like to dig a skeleton, and Neil Fitzpatrick talks about Saxon cemeteries and what one might find inside a Saxon grave.
Periglacial stripes revealed by the machinery stripping the topsoil. The yellow paint marks the location of a possible grave.Periglacial stripes revealed by the machinery stripping the topsoil. The yellow paint marks the location of a possible grave.
This podcast really reflects what it is like to work as an archaeologist on a busy building site, and the recording contains louder sections where machinery is used nearby.

26:34 minutes (24.33 MB)
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