Where on Earth is Kent!


This week young Kent has been learning about site survey. A key part of archaeological site work is knowing where things were found. This is essential if you are going back to find them again, perhaps to carry out an excavation. 
Archaeologists use a variety of methods, but most survey work is carried out using a GPS – Global Positioning System, this uses orbiting satellites to accurately locate the find or feature. This works in a similar way to a car’s Sat Nav but is much more accurate and considerably more bulky!. It can locate finds and features to within centimetres. Computer drawings are produced from the survey data and these form the basis of our site plans.
Like mobile phones the GPS doesn’t always get a signal so we sometimes have to resort to more old fashioned methods such as tape measures and dumpy levels. Below (right) is a photo of Kent using a dumpy level to find the height of an archaeological feature – together with a tape measure, this old school method can find out exactly where Kent is!
2185 Left Kent using a GPS. Right Kent resorting to dumpy level!