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Podcasting is the latest phenomenon in internet broadcasting. A podcast is just like a mini radio programme, which you download as an audio file to your computer or mp3 player to listen to (such as an iPod). Blog entries will be clearly marked when a podcast is available, and you can cimply click the link to download it (broadband connection recommended).


Simply click the link for the latest episode to listen to it on your computer. Your default media player will launch when you do this (normally Windows Media Player on the PC, or QuickTime on the Mac).


There are many computer programs which can check for new editions of a podcast automatically. Apple’s iTunes for Mac and PC is free, and can be set to automatically check websites for new podcasts, and download them for you without any intervention. This is known as ’subscribing’ to a podcast. You will need the Archaeocast RSS feed to put into your podcast software: - this is the address your program will use to check for new episodes.

View our guide to subscribing using iTunes.