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Practical Archaeology Course 2008: Day Three

On the third day of the Wessex Archaeology Practical Archaeology Course at Down Farm, enthusiasm for the archaeology is matched only by the fantastic weather.   Already participants are completing and writing about their post holes and their interest in how the archaeology fits into the surrounding landscape is unabated.

Students examining the jaw bones from different species of animal.Students examining the jaw bones from different species of animal.

Today, Wessex Archaeology’s photographer Elaine Wakefield visited to take photos of on site activity.  Photography is, of course, an important element of field archaeology.  After lunch we were visited by Jessica Grimm, our animal bone specialist, who set us the task of differentiating between different species of jaw bone. This ‘hands on’ approach was met with much enthusiasm and will no doubt prove very useful throughout the course of the dig.

In the afternoon we returned to site to enjoy the last of the afternoon sunshine and a little more digging.



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