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Practical Archaeology Course 2008: Day Five

A sombre start to Friday with the rain penetrating even the most sophisticated of waterproofs. Only the intrepid ventured on site to finish their work with most staying back at HQ, where Mr Ellis was holding a session on the Harris Matrix technique.

By lunch time, and with the "intrepids" return, everyone was looking thoroughly brain frazzled and satisfied with their week's accomplishments. The Wessex staff were kept busy answering questions and filling in any gaps. The enthusiasm of the digging team was only quelled by the "oh no, I've got to go back to work on Monday" syndrome.

The afternoon brought with it an extensive guided tour of Cranbourne Chase by Dr Martin Green in which everyone was pleased to brave the elements and face the rain.

By end of play, we were safely back, and with rosy cheeks and red noses, final farewells were made.

I don't think it is "final" farewells...from the look of things, we will see more of them in years to come...

Group photo from Week One of the courseGroup photo from Week One of the course



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