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Archaeology Podcast Success

The launch of today’s Archaeocast quietly marks a notable achievement for niche podcasting. As we launch the 6th edition of Archaeocast, our archaeology podcast, downloads of the first five have now passed the 20,000 mark. Archaeocast 6 is from the ongoing Practical Archaeology Course in Dorset.

In it you can listen to an experimental archaeologist talk about making prehistoric pottery, learn about the rich archaeology of Cranborne Chase, and get an insight into what it is like to dig for the first time with students doing the course.

Archaeocast began just a year ago, when podcasting was relatively unknown. Our goal was to achieve 250 downloads of each podcast.

Andrew Fitzpatrick of Wessex Archaeology commented, “As podcasting was an emerging medium we were cautious in our estimates. Much too cautious as it has turned out. These figures show just how much interest there is in archaeology and how effective the web is in helping to satisfy that interest. This sets a new challenge for us.”

The Sunday Times “Doors” technology supplement, has listed us in their “20 Intriguing Podcasts“:

“Enthusiastic ’cast for archaeology fans, featuring dig reports and chats with archaeologists such as Time Team’s Phil Harding, who discusses flint-knapping. A good example of a podcast that supplements a wide-ranging website.”

Archaeocast is listed in most podcast directories, as well as Apple’s iTunes podcast directory. Find out how to subscribe (it’s free!).



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