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Excavation at Charles St, Dorchester

Wessex Archaeology has just started archaeological work on the southern part of the Charles Street development site in the historic town of Dorchester, Dorset.

Wessex Archaeology is extremely pleased to be involved in this project and is working on site with Cowlin Construction, the development partners Simons and West Dorset District Council and their archaeological consultant Cotswold Archaeology.

Wessex Archaeology has a long tradition of working in and around Dorchester having been involved in such sites as Greyhound Yard, the County Hospital, the Poundbury development and the redevelopment of the old Eldridge Pope Brewery in Brewery Square.

Excavations undertaken around Charles Street by Wessex Archaeology during the 1980s found remains relating to the development, use and disuse of the Roman town of Durnovaria. The new excavation is expected to provide further information about the history of Durnovaria and its inhabitants, what they did, and what happened here before and after the relatively well documented Roman occupation.

Find out more about the excavations at Charles Street, Dorchester.

195 Roman buildings found in a Wessex excavation on land adjacent to Charles Street in 1989.




Charles Street 1989

I had so much fun working in Dorchester over the years with Wessex Archaeology. Some of the people I worked with taught me so much. Missing digging big time, nice to 'catch up' with what is going on.

Dorchester, Dorset

Thanks for the display on the hoardings. It's good to know what is being revealed in our town particularly as the peep hole is too small and badly positioned to give us any sort of a view.
Look forward to reading/seeing what's going on under the Roman layer.

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