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Wessex Archaeology's Dive Team on TV

1023 Wessex Archaeology Diver

On June 5th Wessex Archaeology's dive team featured on BBC1's The One Show as they dived on a wooden shipwreck in water off of the Scilly Isles.
The wreck, which was discovered by recreational divers, is thought to be the Flying Joan - part of Sir Walter Raleigh's fleet which set sail in 1617 and sank without a trace.
Divers from Wessex Archaeology have been investigating the site on behalf of English Heritage with the aim of retrieving samples of the wooden shipwreck suitable for dendrochronological analysis. This technique involves studying tree ring formation in cut wood to provide a date for the vessel's construction.
During filming Wessex Archaeology's divers obtained several samples of the ship's frame that are thought to be suitable for dating. These samples are en route to a laboratory where, it is hoped, analysis will help date this shipwreck.
The episode is available on BBC iPlayer until 12th June 2013.
The One Show scroll to 4 mins
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