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Archives Intern Week 4


During this week, I have been introduced to a different method of cataloguing and recording archives in preparation for Southampton museums. Whilst much of the organisational paper content is the same as Wessex’s own, many of the preparatory methods are slightly different. In order to make sure I don’t make any mistakes, I have had to pay very close attention to both the presentation and organisation of the archaeological records. Despite finding this task straightforward initially, as the week has gone on and it has become hotter and hotter, I have found that I have made an increasing amount of mistakes. Soon, I am sure, it will return to a bearable temperature and my English brain will be able to cope.
On Thursday, I was able to deliver a completed archive to Farnham museum which I had organised at the end of last week. I found the complete process really satisfying (especially the labelling and folding of paper which encouraged my fledgling neatness) and it is nice to think that a small proportion of my work has been passed on to a museum. Next week, hopefully, I will be able to complete further projects and continue on my way to archiving success!
By Hannah Lamarque


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