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Company Policy Analyst Intern Week 3

1160 Policy documents

The last couple of weeks back in the office have been a real test of my organisational skills in terms of both manual and computer documents. As companies increasingly move towards digital storage of data, the old paper systems have to be kept up to date during the transition period. Many documents are now held in digital form or transferred to computer, leaving behind lots of old copies and various other papers to gather dust in long forgotten cabinets. Part of my role is to assess which paper documents must be kept and stored from those that can be doomed to the shredder and the recycling bin. In conjunction with this I’ve been going through Wessex’s intranet and looking at ways of making policy files more accessible to everyone.
This is actually a surprisingly satisfying process, although the heaps of papers I’ve been surrounded with for the past couple of weeks have been on the verge of blocking out daylight. Despite the debris, my system usually results in some reasonably tidy and up to date files! I also attended and took the minutes for a meeting of the Safety, Health and Environment Committee, which was another really useful experience in helping to understand the kind of issues an archaeology company, with so many strings to its bow, must consider.


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