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Barrow Clump 2013: Phil’s Round-up week 3

1223 Early Bronze Age barrow ditch and Saxon graves

Phil Andrews, Site Director for Barrow Clump, reports on the unusual photographic opportunities we had this year:
The site as we’ve never seen it before!
"During the final week of the 2013 season we had two valuable opportunities get an excellent set of photos of Barrow Clump from above. Firstly, Sean kindly provided his ‘cherry-picker’ for the day, which enabled us to take a variety of overhead shots of the ongoing excavation. Secondly, Briony and her friend Pete went up in his vintage Chipmunk plane to take some aerial shots of the Clump and the surrounding landscape on Salisbury Plain.
These opportunities came at a good time with the excavation nearing completion. The photographs fully enabled us to appreciate the large size of the Early Bronze Age barrow and gave us a new perspective of the numerous Anglo-Saxon graves dug into it. From the Chipmunk, we got a splendid picture of not only Barrow Clump, but also some of the many ploughed out barrows surrounding it – the ring-ditches somewhat surprisingly showing up as parch marks (rather than more lush green grass) in the hot, dry weather."
1221 View of Barrow Clump from the Chipmunk, with parch marks of ring-ditches visible at the top and right


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