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Kingsmead Quarry, Horton - 2013 excavations


This year’s excavations began in April, cover a further 4.5 hectares of the Kingsmead Quarry, and provide an opportunity to examine a continuation of the prehistoric and Roman landscape. The investigations are divided into two areas in the northern part of the quarry, on either side of the conveyor line. We currently have a team of 20 archaeologists excavating on the site supported by various finds and environmental specialists. 
The western area has already provided more information on the extensive Middle Bronze Age landscape that developed across the site some 3500 years ago. Discoveries so far include a number of large pits, waterholes and field enclosures. Two jars, known as Globular Urns, were found at the base of a large pit, and appear to have been deliberately placed. The same area contains the northern extent of a Middle Bronze Age enclosure that was discovered in 2012. The activity associated with these features appears to respect the course of a former river channel.


In the eastern excavation area we are investigating more of the Middle Iron Age settlement that was last excavated in 2007. In the same area several boundary and enclosure ditches of Early Romano-British date are providing more information on the development of the previously investigated farmstead. Other than concentrations of pottery, animal bone, fired clay and tile fragments, some of the more unusual finds from this year’s excavations include an iron axe head, part of a possible cauldron hanger, and a stamped samian plate fragment. A highly polished bone fragment may have been a knife handle, and was crudely engraved.


Removal of the topsoil by mechanical excavator continues, with the investigations expected to continue until the autumn.


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