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Company Policy Analyst Intern - blog 6


I’ve now come to the end of my three month internship and I don’t think I could have spent the three months in a more productive way. I’m sure the experiences I’ve had at Wessex Archaeology will be really useful to my future career. I’ve had a unique opportunity to learn about what goes into running a company and about the importance of a company’s policies, particularly Health and Safety and I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge of this area. I’ve also been able to experience the company from many different viewpoints, combining my office role with archaeological work, on and off site, an opportunity which I don’t think is often available to interns!  
All in all, I’ve really enjoyed my time at Wessex Archaeology and I am taking away with me many new skills as well as some fantastic memories! I’m really grateful to everyone I’ve worked with for being so patient and teaching me so many new things. The last three months have really helped me focus on the sort of career path I want to follow, and I’m sure that the invaluable experience I’ve gained will help me get there! In two weeks’ time I’ll be off back to University to start my MA and my time as Wessex has certainly put me in the right frame of mind to work hard and achieve as much as I can!


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