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Archives internship - week six


Within my final week at Wessex I have really started to feel like I know what I am doing; the tasks that seemed daunting and impossible at first are now quite easy to perform (most of the time!), and I seem to have got through the majority of my to-do lists. Of course none of this would have been possible without my mentor Lorraine Mepham, who I’d like to thank for being so helpful and supportive throughout my time here. It seems when considering my life plan I only got as far as ‘go to university’, which meant that when I graduated a couple of months ago I felt rather lost and unsure what to do next. This internship has helped endlessly in giving me a better idea of what direction to go in now, and it seems I must have done something right as I have been offered the chance to work here for another three months. 
I look forward to furthering the experience I have had so far and hopefully depositing some of the archives I have already begun preparing. The past six weeks really have been very beneficial; not only have I gained many transferable skills in an environment that relates to my degree but I have also had a taste of what a real career might be like! It has been so nice to come to work and actually enjoy my day, rather than be faced with boredom and constant clock-watching - unless it’s approaching lunch time of course, my favourite part of any day!
By Catherine Coates


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