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ABC Wax, Hyde, Greater Manchester

1693 Bob Davis in action

Historic Building Recording 

The Wessex Archaeology Built Heritage Team has recently undertaken Historic Building Recording at the ABC Wax Print Works in Hyde, Greater Manchester. 
The site was originally developed in 1812 by the Ashton family, and called Newton Bank Print Works. The Works continued to expand and develop until its height during the mid-20th century. By 1966, Newton Bank Print Works was the only remaining wax print company in the UK. By 2007, various factors meant that all manufacturing ceased at the ABC Works, with the work and all machinery transferred to Ghana. The majority of the buildings across the site now stand empty. 
The team carried out an English Heritage Level 3 buildings survey of the site, recording the whole site in plan, producing sections through significant buildings and undertaking detailed photography, prior to redevelopment. 
1696 Former mercerising department, showing 19th-century fireproofing in the form of jack arches


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