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Field Archaeologist Intern - Weeks 10: I’m safe to drive!


This week has been my third week on the Iron Age site in South Yorkshire. Watching our understanding of the site progress over several weeks has been great! We have had a few more people on the team this week which gave me the chance to take and record some environmental samples. I had my driving assessment this week, and the instructor is happy that I can drive some of the vehicles in the shiny new Wessex fleet without causing chaos, which is always a good thing!
Next week I am off to an Iron Age site in Lincolnshire which will be my second away job. I’m looking forward to it as the archaeology on site seems promising from the reports that have been produced so far and travelling to new places is one of the things I love about working in field archaeology. The weather for most of my fieldwork so far has been positively Mediterranean, so I hope that continues! 
By Hannah Holbrook


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