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Geoarchaeological training workshop

GeoServices are very pleased to welcome a new member to the Geoarchaeology and Environmental team: Holly Rodgers. Holly’s background includes field archaeology, geomorphological mapping and other GIS work, which together with a Master’s degree in Geological and Environmental Hazards has given her a very useful skillset to apply to geoarchaeological projects.
Here is Holly with Richard Payne (right), one of our experienced geoarchaeologists, during a two-day GIS and deposit modelling workshop which we’re running this week. They are exchanging ideas with the Geomatics team in the form of GIS supremo Richard Milwain (left), and developing innovative ways of interrogating and presenting geoarchaeological datasets using state-of-the-art software packages.
All our training at Wessex is now logged via our HR systems, with records being freely available to each member of staff on request. This is particularly useful if staff need to produce CPD logs, or to take evidence of training with them to employment elsewhere.


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