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Nominated for CA Rescue Dig of the year 2015


CEMEX Kingsmead Quarry 
We are delighted to announce that Kingsmead Quarry, Horton, Berkshire, has been nominated for Rescue Dig of the Year 2015 as part of the 7th annual Current Archaeology Awards. These awards are decided entirely by public vote. You can vote for the project Neolithic houses: exploring a prehistoric landscape at Kingsmead Quarry, and other award categories on the Current Archaeology website.
The excavations have been nominated based on the discovery of a nationally important Early Neolithic settlement consisting of at least four timber-built houses (Current Archaeology issue 292). The houses were discovered over a five year period. The project has been generously funded by CEMEX UK who extract sand and gravel from the site.
Find out more about our work at Kingsmead Quarry, Horton by clicking here. To discover more about the Neolithic houses, click here
by Garreth Chaffey


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