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On my first day I was nervous but after my first hour of walking around the building meeting most of the people I would be working with for the next week I felt better. After my tour of the building I worked with the coastal & marine team alongside Gemma who showed me some of the weird and wonderful things they find.
When we entered one of the storage buildings I was amazed by the things that I saw like a ship’s turbine and lots of cannonballs, but it was the mammoth tooth that really stood out for me.
I also visited a site with an archaeologist on a ‘Watching Brief’ where we recorded a tree-throw hole and I helped photograph it and fill in the records. 
On Wednesday and Friday I worked with the Environmental department where we took samples of soil from different places and cleaned the soil through sieves till there was nothing but the stones and sometimes charcoal. Once we completed the first wash we then sieved the remaining debris to separate the bigger stones and pieces and then separated the amount of charcoal that was in the bucket, once we had done that the final buckets had huge amounts of charcoal. On Friday I had to sort the things we found in the soil samples and it was really interesting because we found seeds and snails as well as animal bone and pottery.


For the finds team I had to clean some wood that had been excavated and write down information on a data sheet and on Friday I cleaned finds, such as flint and pottery, from another site. I found it amazing that I was holding something that a prehistoric man or woman had once held. 
On day four I was with the Geomatics team in the morning and the Graphics team in the afternoon. I learnt about surveying with the geomatics team whether surveying a site or buildings. They also showed me some 3D models and then we tried to do a photo model of my head and shoulders. Something went a bit wrong and half of my head was missing! I had to laugh it was so funny I never thought that my right side was my best side. 
Later in the afternoon I drew three pieces of Roman pottery using various techniques that I was shown, it was a lot more complicated than I thought but I finished it in the end. 
I found my work experience fun and educational and it gave me the experience I need to go on looking into the future or to keep looking at the past. 
By Alister Chown


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