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New Survey Supervisor


This month has seen another addition to the ever growing GeoServices team; our new Geomatics Supervisor Roberta Marziani. Having already had a short stint with Wessex Archaeology in 2012 at our South-East London Office we are looking forward to regaining a valuable asset to the expanding survey team.
With over 15 years of experience in the world of archaeology Roberta has a large amount of knowledge to draw from. Since 2006 she has been specialising in survey and geomatics and until recently was working as the head of a survey team at Mes Aynak in Afghanistan. Her team was tasked with mapping and cataloguing the remains of the ancient site, which lay on the Silk Road and includes remains from the Bronze Age, a vast Buddhist complex and centuries of evidence for copper extraction and smelting.
The main challenges to be faced in this new position at Wessex Archaeology will be managing deployment of survey kit across the offices, providing technical support to field staff and taking advantage of the increasing number of survey opportunities across the UK.
By Damian Campbell-Bell - Geomatics Officer


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