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Isger Vico Sommer - Working in Scotland


Isger joined the Coastal & Marine team in Edinburgh in October last year as a project officer, having previously worked with the Maidstone and Bristol offices on terrestrial fieldwork projects. He lived and studied in Denmark for his Masters in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southern Denmark where similarities in climate have allowed him to adapt quickly to the Scottish weather; although adapting to the Scottish customs is proving more challenging.  
Previous to joining Wessex Archaeology Isger worked on underwater archaeological projects in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Spain where he has done extensive underwater archaeological excavations, digital recording, surveying, monitoring, outreach and research. He specialises in naval architecture of the post medieval period, but has a fascination with vessels from all periods. 
Since joining Wessex Coastal & Marine he has worked on a range of different topics, ranging from desk-based assessment, written scheme of investigation, investigations into First and Second World War losses, conservation management plans, archive work, and timber recording. As part of the dive team, Isger has also helped co-ordinate the planning of wreck investigations and snorkel surveys. With many more exciting projects coming his way he is ready to dive into the archaeology of Scotland, like the evolution of the Scottish shipbuilding techniques and when the first Irn-bru was drunk at sea.


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