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Titanic Works - Open Day


Stoking the furnace of Sheffield steel making 

As part of this year’s Festival of Archaeology, Wessex Archaeology offers a rare opportunity to visit the crucible cellars of the former Titanic Works, Malinda Street/Hoyle Street and the underground remains of cementation furnaces recently uncovered at Hollis Croft, Sheffield. This event will take place on Friday 21 July and will provide the chance to explore a once commonplace and important part of Sheffield’s industrial past.
The sites are located in an area of Sheffield established as a steel manufacturing centre prior to 1850, with the principal surviving buildings of the former Titanic Works dating to that period. The extant building includes a nationally rare crucible furnace with two end stacks. The former works is a Grade II listed building and during the redevelopment of the site in 2008, two previously unknown crucible cellars were unearthed, adding to the known cellar beneath the listed structure.
The works was occupied by a series of steel and file manufacturers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. By 1876, the works was occupied by William Mickelthwaite and Co, steel manufacturers, and was listed as the ‘Titanic Works’.
The archaeological site at Hollis Croft, currently being excavated by Wessex Archaeology, is a fine example of remains of the highly significant cementation furnaces depicted on 19th century OS maps of Sheffield, as large Hollis Croft Steel Works with two circular structures.
Wessex Archaeology will be conducting four 1 hour tours of the crucible cellars at Hoyle Street each followed by a half an hour visit to our archaeological site at Hollis Croft, all free of charge, each tour accommodating up to six members of the public. The tours will include exploring all three cellars, and the archaeological site, with information about the steel-making process, the history and development of the sites and their significance within Sheffield.
Tours will need to be booked in advance due to limited space within the cellars. Please click here to book your tickets. Please be aware that the tours are not suitable for those with impaired mobility or children under the age of 8 years. Suitable footwear (walking boots) is recommended. Any other protective clothing required will be provided. Please note that there is a 15min between the two sites.
Come along and delve into Sheffield’s rich industrial past.
By Lucy Dawson and Milica Rajic


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