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During the Summer of 2017 I worked with Wessex Archaeology as part of a work placement opportunity. I am currently studying for an Archaeology BA at the University of Sheffield as a mature student, and decided to apply to WA as I knew it would both standout on my CV and help me to better understand the content of my lectures whilst at university.
At the start of my placement, I was given the task of helping to excavate an industrial site within Sheffield city centre, which was once home to factories, terraced housing, and allotments. This was a great opportunity for me to firstly, improve upon the few skills that I had already developed whilst on university digs, and secondly, to try my hand at tasks that were new to me.  I found that I was very comfortable with this work, and I took great pride in carefully excavating structures and then precisely recording the results of my excavation on context sheets and illustrations.
On the final week of my placement I moved on to working within the finds department of the Sheffield office. This involved assisting in the processing of finds from some of the many sites that WA are currently undertaking. I found this to be surprisingly enjoyable, as it gave me the chance to learn how to quickly identify many different archaeological materials and how best to clean the material that I may come across in the future while on excavations.
Ultimately, I have really enjoyed my time with WA and it has truly helped me to better understand the subject that I’m studying at university. Furthermore, once I have finally completed my degree, I would love to work within a company such as Wessex Archaeology…... 
By Ben Langhorne


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