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A Celebration of Archaeological Illustration

We are sorry to say goodbye to Liz James who retires on 21 December after over 34 years as an illustrator at our Salisbury Office. In that time Liz has helped to train just about every illustrator we’ve employed in aspects of finds illustration – and indeed she has trained and mentored some of our staff from scratch. We really want to thank Liz for her huge contribution to Wessex Archaeology, for the skills she has helped us to hone and for the many thousands of report graphics that she has prepared. 
Her contribution to our publications has been quite outstanding. She is listed as a major contributor in a large proportion of our in-house monographs, from the first to the most recent, and goodness knows how many journal articles she has illustrated – there are too many to list. Liz is also well known for her artist’s impressions and reconstructions.
On Friday 8 December we had a small celebration of Illustration at Wessex, with displays of some of the work we undertake, many of which are by Liz. There was also some cake! The celebration was extended to our regional offices to which examples of the posters and illustrations were distributed in order to share the incredible skills of the graphics team – and of course more cake.
Warmest wishes to Liz for the future from all of us.


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