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International Shipwreck Conference, Plymouth

The Marine Antiquities Scheme (MAS) and Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal & Marine team had a busy day at the 36th International Shipwreck Conference in Plymouth on Saturday 3 February 2018. The conference was organised by the International Maritime Archaeology and Shipwreck Society (IMASS) and held at Plymouth University. The variety of speakers on a number of informative topics were excellent and in some cases extremely powerful and moving. The topics included HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard, Wrecks of the Baltic and Gulf of Finland, HMS Victory and Gairsoppa, Musashi, Antikythera, Shipwrecks along the Coast of Aegean Sea and USS Monitor.
On the stand, we were visited by a number of people who we were able to interact with through the eclectic finds we had on hand and through the materials handed out. We were impressed with the support and interest in the MAS, Fishing Industry Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries (FIPAD) and the Marine Aggregate Industry Archaeological Protocol. It was good to see some familiar faces and to make acquaintances with new ones. We look forward to seeing you all at the next conference!


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