Time Team post-excavation reports 2004

The technical post-excavation reports for the 2009 Time Team series (series 16) are now online. Reports can be viewed directly on our website, or downloaded for offline viewing and printing.

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time teaming in Canada

What a delicious round of teaching television is Time Team! It has inspired us here in Ontario, Canada to 'see' where our feet go along the nature trails in a new way altogether. Recently, we discovered the site of an old textile mill, having come upon it on a new trail. We immediately went into 'Time Team' mode, sensing the clues as they peeped out at us from the ground. Later we read the archival reports on the area and found to our delight that our 'sensing' had been right about the mill scenario, thought it had been a textile and not a flour mill, as Mike and I had wrongly assumed.

There is so much to thank Wessex Archaeology and Time Team for that words simply fail us. We are simply enthralled by what mysteries the earth reveals...

Walking ever more carefully in the footprints of history,

Jane Yaeger and Michael Earl


How delighted to find our adventures on the Wessex site! We are so honoured to be here and to share our story. We continue to wait for the newest Time Teams and have even started to watch the years of digs from the beginning....learning ever more at each viewing.

Many thanks and especially to dear Phil who entertains as adeptly as he teaches.

Oh, and my own web site is just beginning its life, so is still awaiting the fleshing of its 'bones'.

Digging in,

Jane Yaeger and Michael A. Earl,
Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

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