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New Photo Gallery

As detailed in my previous post about our recent server problems, we had to disable our archaeology photo gallery earlier today. I have spent most of the day putting together a new version that would be independent of our "workhorse" content management systems, WordPress and Drupal. If we experience very heavy workloads then we can easily detach the gallery and move it to a different server, without having to move other parts of our infrastructure.

The new Wessex Archaeology photo galleryThe new Wessex Archaeology photo galleryThe new gallery, while more or less identical in terms of functionality to its predecessor, also gave me the opportunity to give it a new look. I have opted for a dark theme on a black background to bring the focus on to the photographs themselves. It is based upon the Satellite Flickr gallery script by Ted Forbes, and thanks to his excellent and clean templates, I was able to rapidly customise and style the gallery into our own theme.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will also note that the URL of the gallery has changed from http://news.wessexarch.co.uk/photos/ to http://www.wessexarch.co.uk/photos/ - a 301 redirect has been set up to let search engines know that it has moved, and to keep people's bookmarks working for the time being.

Feel free to leave any feedback about the new gallery here. Happy browsing!



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