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Flint arrowheads (credit: Tom Goskar,

Wessex Archaeology) [816Kb]


Flint arrowheads (credit: Karen Nichols,

Wessex Archaeology) [858Kb]

Remains of the skulls (credit: Elaine Wakefield, Wessex Archaeology) [1.07Mb]


Bone toggle (credit: Elaine Wakefield,

Wessex Archaeology) [156Kb]

Beaker Pot (credit: Tom Goskar,
Wessex Archaeology) [869Kb]

Painting of the Boscombe Bowmen by Jane Brayne (© 2004 Jane Brayne) [2.22Mb]

Selection of finds from the grave of the

Bowmen (credit: Tom Goskar, Wessex

Archaeology) [510Kb]

The grave during excavation (credit: Dave Norcott, Wessex Archaeology) [898Kb]