Chronology of the burials

The cemetery was used from the later 5th to the 7th centuries AD. Among the early finds, found in 1974, is a pair of applied disc brooches with human mask motifs (from Grave 23) and an equal-arm brooch (Grave 6). The iron kidney-shaped buckle (Grave 1157) and a copper alloy kidney-shaped loop (G1rave 150) were also probably produced in the later fifth century but may not have been buried until the late 5th or early 6th century. The majority of the burials with grave goods date to the 6th century. Several burials produced definitive evidence for the 7th century, among them the bed burial (Grave 1468) and a burial with a monochrome ‘doughnut' type bead, small copper alloy buckle and pin (Grave 1434).