Day 10 (24/09/04)

Practical Archaeology Course 2004: Week Two Day Five

24th September

Doug Murphy shows this week's participants the latest in survey technology.Doug Murphy shows this week's participants the latest in survey technology.Most of the trowelling in the ditch in Trench Two is now down to the primary fill (material from the erosion of the natural chalk sides of ditch). The ditch has noticeably steep sides and is deeper than we expected, at around 1.2m. Pottery found in the ditch dates from the early Iron Age, which seems the most likely date for the feature. However, there have also been 2 small sherds of Bronze Age beaker pottery, from the same period as the Amesbury Archer, found in the secondary fills (the soil falling into the ditch while it was in use.)
Meanwhile the quarry hollow continues to produce small pieces of bone and pottery sherds that have now been dated to the middle Iron Age.
Throughout the day Doug Murphy, Survey Officer for Wessex Archaeology, took small groups aside to give them experience of surveying and tying the site to the Ordnance Survey grid. (see entry for last Friday)
And so the final week of this year’s Practical Archaeology Course has come to an end. We wish all the course participants well and would like to say how very grateful we are to Martin Green for providing us with an incomparable venue for the course.