Specialist Reports

These specialist reports are for the Weatherlees-Margate-Broadstairs archaeological excavations along the route of a wastewater pipeline. They accompany the Wessex Archaeology publication Report 24 “Kentish Sites and Sites of Kent: a miscellany of four archaeological excavations”.
The links will take you to view the reports from within your web browser, using the Scribd document service. PDF versions of the reports are also available to download from our server at the bottom of this page.
Specialist Report 1: Site Concordance341.96 KB
Specialist Report 2: Later Prehistoric and Romano-British Pottery Report490 KB
Specialist Report 3: Human Bone Report463 KB
Specialist Report 4: Margate Animal Bone Report549.33 KB
Specialist Report 5: Charred Plant Remains389.89 KB