Protocol for reporting finds of archaeological interest


The Protocol was developed for The Crown Estate by Wessex Archaeology and came into effect in December 2010. Following a review of processes and performance, the Protocol was amended and relaunched in 2014. It applies to pre-construction, construction and installation activities in developing offshore renewable energy schemes where an archaeologist is not present on site. Through the protocol, finds discovered on the seafloor, on a vessel, in intertidal zones, and on land will be reported to ensure that our shared cultural heritage is understood and protected accordingly.
Each vessel or worksite team will have an appointed Site Champion; a single person who is responsible for reporting discoveries to a Nominated Contact within the Developer’s core team. The Nominated Contact uploads discoveries onto the secure web-based reporting system designed for this purpose or reports them directly to the Implementation Service (IS). The IS, provided by Wessex Archaeology, are alerted to the presence of new discoveries and every find is investigated and a report is produced and circulated.
The Crown Estate funds the initial reporting requirements for new discoveries. It does not fund awareness training and this can be requested by developers for their teams and contractors via the Implementation Service. Subsequent actions, such as those required by the heritage agencies as advisors to the Regulator, as a result of discoveries are also not funded by The Crown Estate and are the responsibility of the developer.

Protocol Download

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