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We are the leading provider of marine archaeological services in the UK and our experienced team of experts is one of the largest operating today. With a strong reputation for quality and innovation, we combine academic rigour with a highly practical focus on clients' requirements. Our Coastal & Marine teams are based in Salisbury and Edinburgh, and provide heritage services nationally and internationally. 
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SCUBA & surface supply diving


Wessex Archaeology’s divers have provided diving services to national curators since 2003 and our divers are regularly commissioned to dive on sites of archaeological significance. We provide staff, equipment and experience. We can provide an appropriate vessel for the project or can work from one of your vessels. With expertise under the water and on deck our teams ensure that work is carried out efficiently, maximising the brief windows of opportunity available to us when working offshore. Whilst our divers are most commonly called to investigate ship, submarine and aircraft wrecks lying offshore in British Waters, we are also available to dive on structures and to explore seabed surfaces where archaeological potential is suspected and to dive in inland waters. Our divers use the latest equipment and techniques including diver tracking and voice comms, and can collect high quality stills and video imagery.
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Provision of archaeological support to retained commercial dive teams


In addition to the hire of our complete dive team, Wessex Archaeology can provide fully certified surface supplied qualified diving staff to supplement an existing commercial dive team. This adds valuable archaeological insight to other dives without the need for the provision of a full team. To discuss your requirements, contact Wessex Archaeology Coastal & Marine today.

Intertidal & foreshore survey


Beaches, shores and intertidal areas can contain important heritage features. Beached and abandoned hulks may provide detail of past shipbuilding and use, military defences half-buried in sand tell of the protection of the realm, anchorages and buildings reveal past industries and chance finds can all add to our understanding of the heritage around us. These areas may be impacted by marine development – where pipeline and cable routes come ashore, or in areas proposed for beach recharge or sea defence. Appointing Wessex Archaeology to undertake an intertidal or foreshore survey ensures you access our full wealth of services to guarantee that archaeological impacts are understood and mitigated in the planning stages. From wading to walkovers, recording archaeological features, vessels and structures by hand or using the latest technology, collecting environmental samples and interpreting and presenting results, Wessex Archaeology will apply our professional standard to every stage of the process.

Case Studies

Lacustrine & riverine investigation


Rivers, canals and lakes have shaped our world, determining where and how people lived, and allowing the growth of industry and trade. Inland waters and their surrounds may hold clues to our past, ranging from hulks on river banks and the remains of fish traps, to mills and warehouses.  Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal & Marine team are experienced at applying our extensive knowledge of submerged and foreshore heritage to lacustrine and riverine environments and to canal and canalside structures. Through research and site survey, which can include wading or even diving, we study the archaeological remains that provide valuable insight into how people lived in the past. 

ROV survey


Our staff are experienced in working alongside Remotely Operated Vehicles for underwater exploration in support of heritage investigation and in using the acquired data. We are able to supply staff to work alongside your teams on-board vessels or to review stills and film from ROV surveys to protect heritage found offshore during development. If your company are conducting ROV surveys offshore and are likely to encounter archaeological remains, stationing a member of our team on-board vessel or providing us with data after collection can ensure that heritage on your development is interpreted and understood in an appropriate and cost-effective manner. For example, Wessex Archaeology has worked with still images from Unexploded Ordnance surveys (UXO) conducted ahead of renewable energy developments to identify cannon and ship material which were previously thought to be military ordnance.

Archaeological watching briefs

both on & offshore


In situations where ground is being broken, or where the seabed or foreshore is being disturbed, and there is a reasonable chance of encountering archaeological remains, it may be necessary to carry out an archaeological watching brief. Our staff are highly experienced and able to work alongside your field or vessel crews to recognise and respond to heritage remains encountered during the course of development. This cost-effective method of ensuring total archaeological support may be requested by a curator or deemed necessary by a developer to ensure that delays to schemes are kept to a minimum. Having Wessex Archaeology on your site will give you the confidence to carry out necessary work sustainably, reassured that we are there to protect our heritage on your behalf.

Archaeological survey & excavation


On land or offshore – Wessex Archaeology’s teams can provide survey and excavation expertise. Drawing on our vast experience, excellent office support and the latest technology, appointing one of our archaeologists to your site ensures high-quality results that will satisfy the conditions laid down in a development’s Written Scheme of Investigation.