CBA training day

Looking After Finds From Site - July 2013.



This was the first time that this training day had been offered by CBA Wessex, taking advantage of the extensive experience of the Wessex Archaeology in-house conservator, and it proved very successful. The information provided was not restricted to archaeological material but drew on examples from museum and other situations.
The day started with an introduction to the types of evidence that can be preserved during burial, and under what conditions this evidence can survive.


This was followed by practical suggestions for retrieving and holding excavated material.  
There was also a session on the packing and storage of artefacts for long term preservation, exploring the various options available and looking at what can happen if you get it wrong. 


The day finished with a look at the sort of information that can be gathered from x-raying a wide range of objects. Feedback from the participants has been extremely positive, and it is hoped that the training day will be repeated in the future.