St George's, Portland

292 The churchyard of St George's church, Portland

Wessex Archaeology have been commissioned by the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) to undertake survey work at St George's church, Portland. The church is described by CCT as:
Vast and solitary, St George's is one of  the most magnificent 18th-century churches in Dorset. It rises from the rocky, treeless and dramatic peninsula of Portland and is the masterwork of a local mason named Thomas Gilbert who supplied the Portland stone used to build St Paul’s Cathedral.
Wessex Archaeology will be undertaking a metric survey of the graveyard and supporting the creation of an asset register as part of the broader conservation project being undertaken by the CCT. There will also be a community involvement aspect of the project with Wessex's surveyors providing a training opportunity for local students and archaeology groups.
The work was reported on by the BBC as part of a series on churches and the work of the CCT; you can see the film here.
The image above is part of a panoramic view produced using Photosynth.

Download a high resolution version of this view (© Wessex Archaeology).


Download a high resolution version of this view (© Wessex Archaeology).
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