Ring ditches


The dominant features on the site were two adjacent ring ditches. At first glance they appeared to be the ditches of two adjoined Early Bronze Age round barrows, but closer inspection of aerial drone imagery suggests that they had a more complex history with earlier, Neolithic, origins.
Evaluation showed that both ring-ditches began as segmented hengiform enclosures with single entrances on the northern side. Deposits from the ditches included Late Neolithic Grooved Ware of Durrington Walls type, struck flint, and animal bone (including the skull from a large dog or wolf).
Once the original segmented ditches had filled, both were surrounded by continuous barrow ditches of probable Early Bronze Age date. Both had evidence of a central mound, while the western ring-ditch also appeared to have an external bank.
The ring-ditches have been preserved and have been protected as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.
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