The Inside Story

An archaeologist’s point of view

“it felt like you were treading in archaeology”
One of the longest-serving members of staff was Becky Fitzpatrick, who began work as a project assistant at Springhead in 2001 after completing a degree and post-graduate course in Marine Archaeology at Southampton University.
"It was great to watch a site reveal itself in all its different periods of occupation and see the whole process from beginning to end, from evaluation to packing up tools at the end of the dig," she said.
"It was fascinating to find individual lovely pieces of archaeology such as brooches. We were so spoiled on this site for finds - sometimes it felt like there were so many that you were treading in archaeology".
She has found spatulas, coins, pin bones and pottery but her most exciting moment was finding a huge Saxon sword on the site of the cemetery with the help of Roger Richards.