A Visigoth in Kent?
[UPDATE] Take a closer look at the conserved Visigothic brooch with our interactive high resolution photograph, or take a look at the brooch from different angles.
The excavations at Springhead uncovered a large number of brooches. One in particular has turned out to be a very exciting discovery. X-ray photography showed that the 5th-6th century iron bow brooch was of Visigothic design, of a type known as Estagel. The Visigoths (West Goths) were one of the Germanic tribes. Settled near the Black Sea in the 3rd century AD, by the 6th century they had migrated west and reached Spain and northern France.
Kent was probably the most cosmopolitan region in the country at this time and Saxons and Jutes have left evidence of their culture here. In the last 30 years or so, a number of objects of Visigothic design have come to light, mainly in south-east England. Now this brooch adds to the evidence for connections between the people of Kent and the small number of Visigothic groups known to have lived in northern France at the time.
To discover more about this brooch and its significance, read the full article (attached below) as published in LUCERNA - The Roman Finds Group Newsletter for January 2006.
Distribution MapDistribution Mapxrayed 5th-6th century broochxrayed 5th-6th century brooch



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Visigothic brooch from Springhead, Kent - Interactive

Visigothic brooch from Springhead, Kent