Protocol Implementation Service

The Protocol recommends that every find discovered during aggregate dredging is reported through an Implementation Service run by Wessex Archaeology.
Wessex Archaeology investigate every find that has been reported with the support and advice of a wealth of specialists, both within Wessex Archaeology and across the country.  This information is collated into a series of reports – one for the wharf or vessel that made the discovery, one for Historic England, BMAPA, The Crown Estate, Local Historic Environment Records and Sites and Monuments Records, and a third report is generated for the Receiver of Wreck when necessary. Any other agency that may have an interest in dredged remains, for example the Ministry of Defence, will also be informed and all finds are uploaded onto this website as an RSS feed.
Wessex Archaeology staff will advise directly on finds that are obviously isolated and uncontentious. Discoveries that may indicate the presence of a larger site of archaeological interest or importance are referred directly to Historic England which has the power to implement temporary or permanent exclusion zones around archaeological remains in order to protect them.
The way in which finds are reported allows our submerged heritage to be understood and this information, gained because of the diligence of the staff of BMAPA member companies, has become an important resource for informing other offshore projects.
The annual reports from the Implementation Service are available to download or view online.