Protocol Awareness Programme


The Awareness Programme which supports the Protocol Implementation Service was launched in 2006. Since its inception the Awareness Programme has visited wharves and vessels, here and on the Continent, hosted regional seminars and produced the popular Dredged Up newsletter.
As part of the Awareness Programme, the Implementation Team conduct Awareness Visits in which we offer advice about marine archaeology and the Protocol to wharves and vessels and give you a chance to handle artefacts previously dredged from the seafloor and reported through the Protocol. These Awareness Visits are free, informative and fun! To book your Protocol Awareness Visit, you can e-mail us at or call us on 01722 326867.
The Awareness Programme is also supported by a series of awareness materials which can be downloaded here (in English, Dutch and French). The Implementation Team have recently redesigned the Protocol Awareness materials and are proud to introduce a new poster and handouts. The new materials also include a remote learning pack, which enables members of staff who have been unable to attend Awareness Visits to learn about the Protocol and how it works. The remote learning pack can also be used at any time to refresh training. A short video created for the Awareness Programme is currently under construction and will also be available to view and download in the near future.
The Protocol Awareness materials provide a summary of the archaeology of the seabed and the types of archaeological finds that could be encountered, as well as including advice on the reporting process, concretions, prehistoric finds and ordnance*.
* Company Health and Safety policies and established operational procedures should always take priority over archaeological reporting.