Top view of the multibeam data of the Invincible site.Top view of the multibeam data of the Invincible site.The Invincible was a 3rd rate 74 gun ship of the line built in Rochefort in 1744. She was captured by Admiral Anson in the Battle of Finistere in 1747.
Due to her superior design she was purchased by the Royal Navy and commissioned as a 3rd rate ship of the line. In addition her lines were taken off, and two new 74 gun ships, the Valiant and the Triumph were built after her design in 1757.
In 1758 a jammed rudder caused the ship to run aground on Dean Sand. Despite several efforts the Invincible could not be made free. All guns and the crew were taken off, but the hull remained on Dean Sand.
The wreck of the Invincible was discovered in 1979 and designated in 1980.
Wessex Archaeology carried out multibeam sonar, magnetometer and sub bottom profiler surveys on the site in 2003.