WA Coastal and Marine

Where We Work

Coastal & Marine works in all types of watery environments, from inland waters to the Continental Shelf. As well as having expertise in the different kinds of archaeological material that can be found in each environment, we are also adept at dealing with the range of tools that is available and the special conditions that apply. Some environmental constraints are obvious, though not necessarily simple. Weather, tides and the effects of water depth all have to be accounted for, as do matters such as position-fixing and mapping that can be taken for granted on land. Legal matters of ownership, consents and designation can require particular attention. Aside from the hazardous nature of water itself, work in watery environments has to take account of risks from historic ordnance, waterborne infection, and pollution. But taking this all into account, archaeology is at its most rewarding when in, on or near the water!
Coastal Survey on Sheppey