WA Coastal and Marine

Marine Aggregates

Coastal & Marine is the leading provider of archaeological services to the marine aggregates industry. We have carried out studies to support aggregate licence applications and renewals in many dredging areas, including geophysical and geotechnical interpretation. We have also carried out geophysical surveys and diving investigations to identify anomalies that would otherwise have resulted in exclusion zones. As well as working on specific licence applications, we have also worked on a series of wider, regional studies in the Bristol Channel, Eastern English Channel, South Coast and Thames. Our long partnership with the marine aggregate industry has included a number of projects for the British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA), including collaborations between BMAPA and English Heritage. As well as developing a strategic overview of key issues relating to seabed preshistory and to characterising the marine historic environment, Coastal & Marine prepared a Guidance Note for the industry, followed by a Protocol for finds of archaeological interest that is currently implemented by Coastal & Marine on behalf of BMAPA. The involvement of Coastal & Marine in the marine aggregate industry has been strengthened through a series of major projects funded through the Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund.
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