WA Coastal and Marine

Offshore Renewables

Coastal & Marine has been heavily involved in both Rounds 1 and 2 of offshore wind farm development, and we also have experience of other forms of marine renewables such as wave power and current turbines.
We have been a leading provider of archaeological input into the EIA and consenting process for numerous schemes, typically involving desk-based studies and marine geophysical interpretation. WA has been able to draw upon its experience as one of the largest providers of archaeological services on land to make sure that the often complicated impacts associated with terrestrial export cables are adequately addressed. Our EIA work has included walkover surveys on land and in intertidal areas, and geoarchaeological assessments of offshore cores.
Coastal & Marine's involvement has continued into the construction phases of many offshore wind farms, particularly in preparing Written Schemes of Investigation that meet consent requirements by setting out how archaeological mitigation measures are to be implemented. In many cases we have been able to review geophysical data and assess cores to refine any exclusion zones so that the constraint is targetted precisely on the historic asset that is at risk.
Coastal & Marine's leading role in dealing with the archaeological issues surrounding offshore renewables was reflected in a commission to prepare guidance for the industry, published by Cowrie in January 2007.

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