Kent Digs


This week Kent has been out on site excavating archaeological features. After a few weeks in the office amassing a large amount of site kit, he has been really excited about the opportunity to use it.
Once a site has been machined and cleaned, allowing archaeologists to see differences in soil colour which can show where archaeological features are. These features can include ditches and rubbish pits which were dug in the past and then filled up with a different material. That’s when the hard work really starts; we have to dig the fill out of these features in order to see their original size and shape. Below Kent has excavated a ditch and is cleaning up the section, this allows archaeologists to see how the ditch filled up and see if there are finds to date the features.
Once the feature is excavated they are drawn (see next week's blog) and photographed. Digging for a full day can be really tiring but it is never a good idea to be caught sleeping on the spoil heap!
By Mark Williams, photos by Lisa McCaig