Kent Goes Back to School


This week Kent had a welcome day off from the office to accompany Marie Kelleher, one of our Heritage Consultants at the London and South Office, on a schools visit to provide an archaeology workshop to children. The day started off well with Marie’s map reading skill called into the fore to get them through London rush hour traffic! 
The workshops were for children aged 7 – 8 although our education team can help with any age group. The classes had been learning about ‘Stone Age to the Iron Age’ and Marie and Kent went along to provide some hands on experience of what it is like to be an archaeologist but also what life was like in the prehistoric times.
The session involved an introduction to archaeology including dressing up in PPE (safety clothing). Here is Kent showing just how well his hi visibility kit works. No one has mentioned that the horizontal stripes make him look fat!
Also the children got to dig for finds in sandpits, put together pottery jigsaws and imagine themselves as artefact detectives. This got the children to use their imagination and developed their interpretation skills and they had fun too! The photo shows Kent preparing the sand pit excavations...and keeping an eye out for archaeologists of the future!
If you would like Kent or a member of our equally talented education team to visit your school, please contact our Community & Education Officer.