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The copyright for these images belongs to English Heritage. They are for educational use only, with the Avebury Monuments Teacher’s Kit.
 Polished AxePolished Axe Broken scapula from Silbury Hill 2007Broken scapula from Silbury Hill 2007
Flint from Silbury Hill 2007Flint from Silbury Hill 2007Broken antler pick, SilburyBroken antler pick, Silbury
Finds from Silbury Hill, 2007Finds from Silbury Hill, 2007Silbury HillSilbury Hill
Silbury Hill reconstruction by Judith DobieSilbury Hill reconstruction by Judith DobieHelicopter lowering chalk, Silbury 2007Helicopter lowering chalk, Silbury 2007
Silmoss under microscopeSilmoss under microscopeSide Shot Silbury HillSide Shot Silbury Hill
Stones at Avebury HengeStones at Avebury HengeBarber's StoneBarber's Stone
Cross section of Avebury ditchCross section of Avebury ditchTransporting the stones by Judith DobieTransporting the stones by Judith Dobie
West Kennet Long BarrowWest Kennet Long BarrowWest Kennet Long Barrow, isometricWest Kennet Long Barrow, isometric
West Kennet Long Barrow Burial DepositsWest Kennet Long Barrow Burial DepositsWest Kennet Long Barrow SkeletonWest Kennet Long Barrow Skeleton
Ritual at West Kennet Long Barrow by Judith DobieRitual at West Kennet Long Barrow by Judith DobieAvebury Aerial ViewAvebury Aerial View
Avebury reconstruction by Alan SorrellAvebury reconstruction by Alan SorrellAvebury Reconstruction by Judith DobieAvebury Reconstruction by Judith Dobie
West Kennet AvenueWest Kennet AvenueAvebury Bird's Eye ViewAvebury Bird's Eye View
Avebury EntranceAvebury EntranceAvebury monuments reconstruction by Jane BrayneAvebury monuments reconstruction by Jane Brayne
Aurochs by Dave BennettAurochs by Dave BennettNeolithic landscape by Dave BennetttNeolithic landscape by Dave Bennettt
Barrow by Jane BrayneBarrow by Jane BrayneRitual at the Cove by Judith DobieRitual at the Cove by Judith Dobie
Plan of Avebury HengePlan of Avebury HengeWindmill Hill reconstruction by Judith DobieWindmill Hill reconstruction by Judith Dobie
The SanctuaryThe SanctuaryWindmill Hill Pots by Judith DobieWindmill Hill Pots by Judith Dobie