Down Farm: Practical Archaeology Course 2004

Find out about what happened during our 2005 course!
From 13th to 17th and again from 20th to 24th September Wessex Archaeology will be running two Practical Archaeology Training Courses on Cranborne Chase. We will be keeping a Dig Diary on the web-site, so every day there will be a chance for you to have an update on how the excavation is progressing. Some days there will be video clips too, so you will be able to watch the investigations as they unfold.
The site is likely to be very interesting – probably iron age. Log on to see what features and finds have been uncovered by the students. Each day there will be a talk or workshop – get a taste of what’s been happening. Most important, this is a training dig, so we hope you will be able to find out how the students are getting on – what they’ve found, how they feel (apart form backache!) and what the experience means to them.
THe site before excavation beganTHe site before excavation began