AUV Survey


The U8 site is situated in a busy shipping channel off the coast of Kent. Expensive safety requirements made commercial diving on the site impractical. In addition, it made it difficult to use conventional towed geophysical equipment. Therefore, an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) survey was undertaken instead. The AUV collected geophysical data, and was equipped with a GoPro camera to record video footage, however the height from the seabed at which the vehicle had to be deployed, combined with low visibility on site, meant that the video captured was not suitable for archaeological purposes. However, the pseudo-sidescan sonar data, marine magnetometer data, and multibeam bathymetry data were archaeologically assessed by marine geophysicists at Wessex Archaeology.

Analysis of the geophysical data from the AUV survey and comparison with U-boat plans and photographs taken by previous diver surveys proves that this wreck is SM U8.
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